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Create, Share and
Promote your events

Smappo is a free platform for Event Networking that allows you to create, report and promote all types of events in an easy and fast way. Choosing to follow other users, you can learn about the events they will participate and create a network of contacts to share and spread your initiatives. All in one panel!

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Sell Tickets Online & Affiliate Programme

If you are the organizer of the event you can sell your tickets online by creating one or more Virtual Tickets. Our system will allow you to check the number of participants, collected and integrate data in your CRM. Use our check-in to eliminate long lines! At any time you can activate the affiliate program to increase your sales.

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Create your Community with Shared Calendars

Want to create a community of events related to a specific subject? With Smappo you can create a shared public calendar in which members of the community report events on their own and do not have to manually enter hundreds of reports on your website or portal. Increases exponentially as the involvement of your fans!

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Featured Events by Smappo:

Smappo is the first Event Network that combines Event Management services with a Social Network to increase the promotion of your events on the network.

Smappo is an easy to use platform for event management, complete and secure. It adapts perfectly to any type of event (small, large, free, paid, public or private) and is accessible from any device (desktop or mobile).

  • create an event
  • share it with your friends and contacts
  • promote it on social networks
  • stay up to date on events in your area
  • manage workshops, conventions, party, sport events, etc...
  • sell your tickets online
  • Embed your event's calendar on your site
  • Create your community online
  • increase sales by the affiliate program
  • increases the number of guests to your event
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