Share events for free, sell tickets online, create community.
You can follow other users, connect with our app and attend at the events you like the most.

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1. Post your event
  • When, Where, What
  • Add a description
  • Share event online...
  • ...all is free!!
2. Manage Event
  • Would you like to sell tickets or know who will come to your event?
  • Create a Virtual Ticket
  • Customize event form to register
  • Event management ready for you
  • Sell online
3. Create Community
  • invite guests and friends to partecipate
  • Check and manage your community
  • Share the calendar

4. Connect to other users
  • Want to know who will attend your event?
  • Use Smappo Connect
  • Meet new people!
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  • You're a band and want to publish a calendar of your gigs?
  • You are an association and would like to involve your associates?
  • Are you a company that makes training or organizes meetings with clients or resources?
  • Are you an event organizer and would like to have professional tools for free?

Try Smappo!
  • Share Events for Free
  • Professional Tools to organize your event
  • Zero management costs
  • Zero cost if your event is free of charge
  • Sell tickets online
  • Entry Lists from Ticket PDF or by the App
  • Mobile application for you and your guests, Free!
  • Statistics and monitoring functions of the event

Organize an event
  • Collect events in a shared calendar with other users
  • Check the settings of who and what is published
  • Choose whether to create your community in private or public mode
  • If you want, you can appoint additional administrators
  • Stats to know who participates in your community
  • Customize the link to your community
  • A page dedicated to your community that you can share everywhere
  • Make your users connect to each other

Create a community


Go to an event and do not know who the other guests are?
Do you organize an event and would like tomake the guests connect to each others?

Create an event with Smappo...
manage the registrations or sell tickets online.
Guests will have the Smappo Connect included!

Just read the QR from the PDF Ticket or by the App
and let the guest networking togheter!

Use Smappo Connect